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Our Signature Honey, is now available in Gallons, as well as Quarts, Pints and Hexagonal Jars. Also, A Limited Supply of Gallons


Lean more about Fresh Bee Pollen or visit the honey store to buy the Freshest Bee Pollen available.

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Welcome to 911 Honey - Home of Swarmbustin' Honey

Provider of Local Nucs - All Spring & Summer

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Partnered with ForestPlanet

To Vets of 911, Bellows to our Passion of Bees, THANK YOU!
If You bee new to our site; WELCOME!

We have been marketing every imaginable, some unimaginable products originating within a colony of honey bees since the inception of Swarmbustin' Honey. In 2015, we beegan supplying local bees to those in need. Some 911Bees served to re-up the winter losses of other beekeepers; Others used our Bees to xpand their Apiary; Many "Nu-bees" embarking into the Art & Adventure of Beekeeping filled their boxes with 911Bees.

We started selling Nucs to strengthen the weakening gene pool of Honey Bees in our region. Swarmbustin’ Honey is not the only operation in our area providing Local Nucs, yet prior to the availability of Local Nucs, importing Tired Package Bees from the South was the norm. Bees with a less than fair chance of survival! Equipment requiring re-upping the following year! An Accepted Norm, if You will, in this Discard & Replace World of which we are Now a part of. OR NOT

"We can't solve problems
By using the same kind of thinking we used
When we created them" - Albert Einstein

Losing over 150 million acres of pollinator habitat in the United States in the last two decades to agri-business, land development, and the increasing wastelands of sterile lawns, has clearly had resultant effects upon our Honey Bee's Health.

Mark Winston’s Manifesto, a timely inspiration, argues for a new paradigm "that recognizes beekeepers as stewards of both managed and wild bees, promoters of healthy environments, managers of economically sustainable apiaries, and paragons of collaboration and cooperation. It's time for some audacious thinking about the future of beekeeping"

We’re adding forage by: Planting Trees which Bloom during our nectar dearths,
Propagating seedlings from these trees for our OutYards & local distribution
Reviving tracts of Lawns with managed Weeds, which Bees view as Nourishment!

In conjunction with our regional efforts, involvement with Penn State University’s Research, We have now Partnered with ForestPlanet!


ForestPlanet Plants Trees, Lots of Trees, leveraging the unique benefits of trees for positive social & environment impact.

As Countries needing reforestation, Beecome TreeRich, All Inhabitants will Blossom into
"Finding That Balance"

Have a Look: www.forestplanet.org

To illustrate the transformative power of trees, here are 'beefore & after' pics, taken only Five Years apart, from the Mahabana estuary area of Western Madagascar!

Please consider joining in our Global Vision of 'Finding That Balance'

As You check out of the Honey Store, When asked 'If you would like to Plant a Tree with that', A reply of Yes, costing You 12 cents, will fund the Planting of Two Trees, for we will bee matching Your Donation! Consider Donating 8 Trees for 96 cents, which, after doing the math,allows 16 more Trees to bee Planted where needed, Offering HOPE!

Aside from Large Donations, which will bee forwarded to ForestPlanet
Swarmbustin' Honey will match all Donations, Tree for Tree



  • Will have 4-5 DEEP frames, laying Queen, 2-3 frames of brood, nice population of bees, and adequate food stores. This is a Nuc.
  • Our first offering of Nucs, available Early April, will bee 5-frame in cardboard boxes. We will split our overwintered colonies once the weather supports the re-emergence of a solid drone population. This second offering will bee 4-frame Nucs in our wooden boxes housing 2 Nucs (pictured top right). Singles possible, yet tending a minimum of 2 colonies, supports self-sustaining beekeeping.

PRICE: $165.00 / Nuc

  • To reserve your Nucs, we need only your vitals; name, email address if available, telephone #, and the quantity of Nucs needed. Need not any $ now. Payment expected when picking up your Nucs, CASH or check payable to Swarmbustin' Honey.
  • Nucs picked up in our wooden boxes require a $50/Box deposit A separate check for deposit bee best, held until boxes are returned.
  • If interested, wooden Nuc boxes can bee purchased for $75 when picking up your bees, aiding You later in season with making Splits.

WORKSHOPS: Held the 1st Saturday of April thru July, at 10am

Our informal workshops bee free to those on our Nuc lists, and focus upon the bees needs in the upcoming month. The Swarmbustin' crew will illustrate various techniques employed in assisting with their needs. Along with adding a 4th meeting in 2018, we will bee breaking into smaller groups according to xperience and interest. We encourage Q&A, are fond of other approaches to this Art and Adventure beeing shared with the group, & delight in collaborating towards self-sustaining beekeeping with your bees, in our operation, and regionally.

PICK-UP and WORKSHOPS Will Bee at the Bee Farm

Swarmbustin' Honey, 190 Thouron Rd, West Grove, PA 19390

QUESTIONS: We welcome questions, will assist with planning, and help with emerging concerns year round - Landline 610-384-2384
Email Preferred – swarmbuster@911honey.com

We recommend attending the CCBA Seminar on March 10, 2018!


We have True to Bee Pollen Patties, which, along with the other proteins, contains 8% Bee Pollen, harvested in May '17' from our colonies, inverted Sucrose for binding and Honey Bee Healthy, Cinnamon and Garlic for Good Health.

Having improved the industry's top Bee Feed, we truly beelieve these True To Bee Pollen Patties to bee superior to any which are commercially available. A Word of Caution, courtesy of Glenn Crimbring, retired Northern Pennsylvania Bee Inspector, "When feeding your bees well, Have the equipment ready!"

We are currently marketing our True to Bee Pollen Patties in bulk, containers holding 2,3, or 5#’s. We will supply bags which will hold ¾#, along with the Patties. Quantities 30#’s or over will bee in 5 gallon pails, also with enough bags for you to fill.


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