Visit The Honey Store

Visit The Honey Store

TOTALLY RAW HONEY, Our Signature Honey, is available Quarts, Pints & Hexagonal Jars. Also, A Limited Supply of Gallons.

FRESH BEE POLLEN and other honey products are also available!



Partnering with ForestPlanet

In conjunction with our regional efforts, involvement with Penn State University’s Research, We have now Partnered with ForestPlanet!

A huge thank you to everyone involved with helping us get trees planted! Our 2020 online orders generated the planting of 4258 trees - Kudos! Swarmbustin' Honey matches this amount totaling 8516 trees. Wondering if collectively we can reach 10,000 trees planted in 2021!


Bee Aware - Help the Bees


With 25 percent of our website beeing devoted to Beeing Aware, we aim to bring to the table The Good, the Bad & the Ugly! That said, 16% of our presentation may illustrate the adverse aspects of ‘The State of the Bees’ initially. Let’s collaborate in Finding that Balance!

As awareness increases, we will continue…

Local Nucs & True to Bee Pollen Patties

Local Nuc &
True To Bee Pollen Patties

Swarmbustin’ Honey is offering local Nucleus Colonies in the Spring & Summer of 2022 - we also are offering True to Bee Pollen Pattie.


To Vets of 911, Bellows to our Passion of Bees, THANK YOU!
If You bee new to our site; WELCOME!

We have been marketing every imaginable, some unimaginable products originating within a colony of honey bees since the inception of Swarmbustin' Honey. In 2015, we beegan supplying local bees to those in need. Some 911Bees served to re-up the winter losses of other beekeepers; Others used our Bees to xpand their Apiary; Many "Nu-bees" embarking into the Art & Adventure of Beekeeping filled their boxes with 911Bees.

We started selling Nucs to strengthen the weakening gene pool of Honey Bees in our region. Swarmbustin’ Honey is not the only operation in our area providing Local Nucs, yet prior to the availability of Local Nucs, importing Tired Package Bees from the South was the norm. Bees with a less than fair chance of survival! Equipment requiring re-upping the following year! An Accepted Norm, if You will, in this Discard & Replace World of which we are Now a part of. OR NOT.

"We can't solve problems By using the same kind of thinking we used When we created them"
― Albert Einstein

Losing over 150 million acres of pollinator habitat in the United States in the last two decades to agri-business, land development, and the increasing wastelands of sterile lawns, has clearly had resultant effects upon our Honey Bee's Health.

Mark Winston’s Manifesto, a timely inspiration, argues for a new paradigm "that recognizes beekeepers as stewards of both managed and wild bees, promoters of healthy environments, managers of economically sustainable apiaries, and paragons of collaboration and cooperation. It's time for some audacious thinking about the future of beekeeping"

We’re adding forage by: Planting Trees which Bloom during our nectar dearths,
Propagating seedlings from these trees for our OutYards & local distribution
Reviving tracts of Lawns with managed Weeds, which Bees view as Nourishment!

"Our ability to reach Unity in Diversity
will bee the Beeauty and test of our Civilization"
― Gandhi