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Dear, Swarm Busters

Thank yall so much for doing what yall do. I spent quite sometime looking for some quality honey and when I found yalls web site thats exactly what I wanted. Totally Raw Honey is Great!!! I have ordered from here twice first it was just some vinegar and totally raw honey. After trying that I was hooked. Soon after I ran out I quickly ordered more than enough honey so I wouldn't run out. The Buckwheat honey is so rich and now one of my favorites. All my family and friends Love your honey also. So wont be long before I put in another order. That being said. My testimonial is I order from yall a large order. It came way sooner than expected. Great packaging nothing broken everything I ordered and more. You guys are best online business I have every had the pleasure of doing business with. I cant say enough good things about this site and yalls honey. I hope yall have a bright future in the honey and I hope to one day have my own bees.

P.S. Thank yall for the extra Hot Garlic Creme it is Awesome! and the extra Totally Raw honey I gave it to my Mom she loves it too!! Once again Keep it Up the world needs more Bees and Bee Keepers like yall. I look forward to my next order.

Your honey rocks!!

Wanted to drop a line to say how amazing your totally raw honey is. I got some at the Hallelujah Hive at the dragon. LOVELOVELOVE!!! I just eat it straight out the jar. Definately will bee getting more. Keep on lovin' your bees.

I bought a bottle of your blueberry creme honey at the Garlic Festival in Saugerties in September. I just wanted you to know that it is by far the best honey I have ever tasted. Not that I am any sort of expert on the matter but I have been eating honey all my life. My parents instilled in us the many virtues and benefits of honey and I have tried it almost everywhere I have traveled in the US and abroad. I make sure I have some everyday.

So, congratulations to you. At the age of 60 your bees have taken me to the top of the mountain. Keep up the good work. I will be ordering more soon.

I got my honey today, record time! I was so excited and waited for the UPS man. He came and I ripped that box open so quickly and relized that it had froze and I would have to wait to enjoy it. Thank you so much for the best honey!! I don't mind paying the shipping, I love it. Thank you again, bee safe and God Bless,

Mr. Broughton, I received my honey today, the Buckwheat Honey is Awesome!!! Never tasted anything that good!! Louisiana honey is good, but not that good... I'll for sure be making more orders.

Hi Guys, Bob Bangel here from Virginia. I have purchased your honey several times recently and want to share some good news. The honey you produce makes the best meade I have made in 20 years. Thats speakes volumes about you and your products. I am starting a new batch of " Melomel" blueberry/honey meade in january. Can you suggest from your stock a medium body honey? I want to purchase a gallon so be honest with me in your suggestions. Thanks for being the concerned people you are. You make making meade a pleasure. "No more lousey tasting meade" thanks to you.

Thanks! We got the honey today! You are always soooooo quick!

I use the raw honey all winter and so far no in the family has gotten sick. My grand daughter uses raw honey on her psoriasis and take a tablespoon everyday, it has help her so very much. Thank you so very much for your kindness and for all the good work you do. I like everyone to know how kind you were and how good honey is for everyone, have a blessed day Linda. Blessings to you and the company.

Received the order...This stuff is great...I have been telling everyone how it has effected my sugar counts...you should be getting lots of visits...thanks again...

Just calling to thank you and congratulate you on your bee pollen. I think it’s just a great product. I’m really glad you are doing it and that you are marketing it out here where I can get it. I purchase it at Martindales Market. It’s wonderful stuff. Good luck to you!

Hi - I take bee pollen granules straight in the mooring and at night, like a snack. I put it under my tong and who knows how much, I might take as much as 10 table spoon or more. It is like candy to me. But i am a 62 year young 100 per cent health person.

Because of my job as airline pilot, my schedules are irregular and involves lots of late night departures and flight times that extend over 10 hours or more at a time for international flights. In order to maintain my overall health state, I found Swarmbustin bee pollen and started taking bee pollen supplement to maintain my health state and more importantly my overall alertness, I found that with the ample supplement of natural bee pollen on a regular basis, I am not as tired as before while on flight duty, I also sleep a bit better even with constant time zone/jet-lag changes, I highly recommend Swarmbustin bee pollen supplement to any of those with active life style or busy life style with irregular schedule in order to maintain a themselves at higher state of health... Keep up the great work on making these natural bee pollen.

After purchasing some of your Fall Wildflower Honey, I just had to reach out and tell you - this is the best honey my family and I have ever had. From my first taste I was pulling family members over to try a bit, and each of them fawned over it as I did. Thank you for making such a pure a delicious product! Keep up the good work! I wish you many more years of continued success!

Hi there Mr. Broughton, I just wanted to take the time to write you and let you know that my classmates and I have really enjoyed using your page for our community beekeeping project! My tutor, Mrs. Lowe, thought it would be nice if we wrote you a thank you note to let you know that it's been such a great help for us to learn all about the different parts of beekeeping :) thanks again for your help!

Hi there, We are enjoying this batch to the tune of a quart a week. Has a crystalline structure that drains out pale with a syrup pool. Has good flavor as usual. Thanks for thinking of us when this was available. It's not Irish Breakfast Tea without a shot of cream and Swarmnbustin' Honey.

Hi Rita- I just wanted to let you know that my shipment arrived today (amazingly quick!). Everything was perfectly packed and was with out breakage. I appreciate that you used the rice based packing peanuts. Nice. I had a little taste of each of the honeys and they are fantastic. I also tried both of the bee pollen types and had to stop myself from woofing down a mass quantity of both! What a difference in flavor and texture compared with the “store brand” stuff that I’ve been getting at the local market. Wow! And I thought that I was a pollen junkie before… Quite simply, I’m blown away by the difference. Completely unexpected. Thank you again for the tee shirt. Size and color is perfect.

I have to tell you that I received my Wild Blueberry and Hot Peppers honey yesterday and I LOVE THEM BOTH! This is some extremely good honey! You have a customer for life now!

Yes, I do use your bee pollen and I also recommend it to my clients, as well as the raw honey. Aside from tasting delicious...both of these products keep any symptom of seasonal allergies away. I let everyone know about the amazing benefits of local bee pollen and raw honey. Keep up the great work...you, your staff and the bees are a gift to us all!

I was the owner of an organic blueberry farm and in Sullivan County,NY for 20 years. Naturally, I had my own bees and did my own extracting. Your raw honey is the "real deal" and reminds me of my own personally extracted honey!! Every time I put it in my tea, I get a bit nostalgic :) If you ever need a hand, I'd be happy to help out, gratis, just to participate in an "honest" operation!!

Hi Walt, I rarely leave testimonials for products but after ordering your wildflower honey and trying it for the first time I felt compelled to write one. Didn't expect much difference from the honey I've tried before. But the first taste of it was like an ORGASM to my taste buds, blew me away, I felt like I was in heaven. Thank you for producing a superior product, keep up the good work. Looking forward to trying the propolis and bee pollen soon.

Hi Walt Just ordered some more of the totally raw honey...my husband and I agree; you do have the best honey...we like it even better than the local we can buy here in RI...you must cast some magic in the air that effect the bees and growing things in your area!!

Dear Walt, Your honey has ruined my ability to eat grocery store honey. I picked up a jar of your honey at Pete's Produce over the summer. It took me about 3 or 4 months to work my way through it, using a spoonful of honey in my tea every day. When it ran out, and I went back to honey bought at the grocery store, it tasted like crap. I was upset, because Pete's Produce was closed over the winter! Fortunately I found some more at the health food store in West Chester.

Walt, Earlier this week you sent an order to Phoenix, AR. My son is playing baseball there in a week long tournament. Order arrived and my son, Mike, says it's some of the best chaw he's ever had. He's been chewing comb honey as an energy fuel since he was 9 yrs old. ( 28 now ) It's funny to watch as many players have never seen comb honey and they mostly think my kid is nuts. However, towards the end of the tournament all his teammates will be hollering for some of his chaw. A cut square 1.5" will chew for 2-3 innings. We live in Michigan but his team is from the Virgin Islands. So if a few orders start coming from the Islands you'll know why.

Your honey is outstanding! We have been enjoying it so much! Thanks for producing a superior product. My six year old daughter no longer has runny noses from local seasonal allergies!

I just bought a pound of your May Harvest Bee Pollen at the Hudson Valley GArlic Festival. It is like no other Bee Pollen I have tasted before. If there is a such thing as "gourmet" bee pollent, this is it! Each spoonful is like tasting a spring/summer's day. Energetically, I have felt great after eating some. Thanks for making this available!

Hi Walt, I received the honey and the pollen last Thursday. Thanks for shipping so promptly. Although I am completely new to the pollen aspect of my purchase. ( which I am loving in the first five days) The honey is spectacular! It is truly the best honey I have ever had. The pollen is extremely interesting and fresh. It tastes good, and seems to be having rather immediate effects to my concerns that brought me to your products. I am anxious to see what a couple of weeks of eating the pollen will do. Anyway, thanks a lot for the great product, the friendly service on the phone, and the prompt shipment. You certainly have a loyal new customer here as long as you are harvesting such great stuff.

The people who made America great are the many who build their own small family businesses, seeing a need and filling it. I liked Walt’s business the moment I saw his products and that his family works in it with him. He ships very fast and the honey, another natural homegrown healthy thing from right here in America , is delicious. What’s not to like?! If we who built this country ever want our lands and livelihoods back, we need to support one another honestly and choose well where we buy and what we buy into. Walt takes a personal interest in the orders placed at his site and runs his business beautifully. So far, my family can’t get enough of his product. We’ll buy directly from Walt over some commercial middle man any day!

Just got FRESH BEE POLLEN! No words do describe it! Just God Bless Bees and You!

I am so hooked on pollen, I think I may need rehab!

Thank you! Hi Walt, Oh my God, now that is fresh pollen!!! And sweet, Just got it today, WOW!!

Walt, Both items are great. Especially the honey. I don't know what it is but it just seems better than the others I've had. I like having all the "stuff" that is on top of the raw honey. It's like having gum with the honey. It will take some time to go through the 5 gallons I have but once I do I be ordering more from you.

Maybe my wife-age 83 and myself-age 86 are still on the right side of the grass due to eating your healthy products.

Hey Walt, I remember what you and Lori told me about the medicinal qualities of honey when we were at the various shows but the pepper festival stuck in my mind. I used the Mountain Crème Honey the other day when I felt a large and very painful tickle in my throat (at 11 PM) and it went away which allowed me to sleep peacefully through the night. The following night I was awakened by another pain in my throat and again I took a teaspoon of the honey and slept the night away. I can't thank you enough for that knowledge, otherwise I might have had to pay another damn doctor and had to get antibiotics, who needs that stuff when the honey has worked just fine for me.

Walt, the pollen arrived. Thanks for looking into it. By the way, I want you to know that your raw pollen is the best by a considerable margin that I've ever had. I eat quite a bit of it, about 1 oz a day, and have done that for several years. During that time, I've tried many varieties from several beekeepers all over the country at one time or another and all fall short of yours. So...thank you!