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BEEKEEPING WORKSHOPS: April thru July 2022, To Be Announced

We will bee conducting several beekeeping workshops in 2022. Xact dates TBD, yet they will bee on a Saturday, April thru July. Our informal workshops bee free to those on our Nuc lists, and focus upon the bees needs in the upcoming month. We will bee breaking into smaller groups according to xperience and interest, and the Swarmbustin’ crew will illustrate various techniques employed in assisting with their needs. We encourage Q&A, are fond of other approaches to this Art and Adventure beeing shared with the group, & delight in collaborating towards self-sustaining beekeeping with your bees, in our operation, and regionally.

We always recommend tending a minimum of 2 hives; for a beginner - 2 hives is a perfect number, offering flexibility and options. With 2 hives, your chance of bringing one through the winter increases. Inevitably, some hives will bee strong in population, perhaps too string, other may need a boost. With 2 hives, you can strengthen one with the other by moving frames of brood, or by switching locations. If one hive appears to bee Queenless, You can diagnose with the other hive, & if found to bee Queenless, can bee corrected with ‘The Other One’! And so, aside from liking to spend your money, I would like to know that everyone securing Nucs from us is managing a minimum of 2 hives. Now then, although there bee advantages to beeginning the season with multiple hives, you can split your first Nuc a few weeks after installing. Workshops are geared for such management practices!

Registration not required but RSVP appreciated, allowing us to properly prepare for our crowd.

Workshops will bee held at the Swarmbustin' Honey Bee Farm, 190 Thouron road, West Grove, PA 19390.

  • Informal workshops focus on The Bees Current Needs
  • Bring your questions!
  • Learn how to split hives and lessen swarm impulse
  • Reduce Varroa Mite count without affecting honey yield
  • By collaborating let's approach self-sustaining beekeeping!



  • NUCS with 2-3 DEEP FRAMES of solid brood Beeing nurtured by Nurse Bees, THEIR MAMA, And adequate food stores will simply XPLODE Once installed in your equipment
  • AVAILABLE EARLY APRIL: 5 frame Nucs in non-returnable cardboard boxes originating in central PA bounced to GA to harness the early honey flow, to be split down, & bounced back.
  • LOCAL 4 FRAME NUCS SPLIT FROM OUR OVERWINTERED STOCK Available after re-emergence of drones & all Summer long
  • NUC PICK-UP LOCATION will bee the Swarmbustin’ Honey Bee Farm

Email or Call for pricing - / 610-384-2384

  • To reserve your Nucs, we need only your vitals; name, email address if available, telephone #, and the quantity of Nucs needed. Need not any $ now. Payment expected when picking up your Nucs, CASH or check payable to Swarmbustin' Honey.
  • Nucs will bee picked up in ventilated, durable, corrugated, plastic Jester boxes. The snap action entrance closure makes closing and transportation a breeze!

QUESTIONS: We welcome questions, will assist with planning, and help with emerging concerns year round -
Email Preferred – or Landline 610-384-2384.


With 8% Pollen from Our Hives - $4.00 per lb - Sold in Bulk 2lb 3lb or 5lb (Bags Included)

We have True to Bee Pollen Patties, which, along with the other proteins, contains 8% Bee Pollen, harvested from our colonies, inverted Sucrose for binding and Honey Bee Healthy, Cinnamon and Garlic for Good Health.

Having improved the industry's top Bee Feed, we truly beelieve these True To Bee Pollen Patties to bee superior to any which are commercially available. A Word of Caution, courtesy of Glenn Crimbring, retired Northern Pennsylvania Bee Inspector, "When feeding your bees well, Have the equipment ready!"

We are currently marketing our True to Bee Pollen Patties in bulk, containers holding 2,3, or 5#’s. We will supply bags which will hold ¾#, along with the Patties. Quantities 30#’s or over will bee in 5 gallon pails, also with enough bags for you to fill.

Nucleus Colonies

Swarmbustin’ Honey is offering local Nucleus Colonies
in the Spring & Summer of 2022!