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Swarmbustin' Honey - Pint and Quarts

Swarmbustin' Honey is pleased to offer four shades of pure honey that represent the distinctive honey flavors made possible by the diversity of seasonal floral sources available to the honeybees.

These four flavors available in Pints and Quarts are Golden Nectar, Black & Gold, Fall Wildflower, and Buckwheat. We also offer our Raspberry Honey and Blueberry Honey in the Quart sized jars.

Totally Raw Honey - 1.5 lb. Pint Golden Nectar Honey - 1.5 lb. Pint Black & Gold Honey - 1.5 lb. Pint
Fall Wildflower Honey - 1.5 lb. Pint Buckwheat Honey - 1.5 lb. Pint Totally Raw Honey - 3 lb. Quart
Golden Nectar Honey - 3 lb. Quart Black & Gold Honey - 3 lb. Quart Fall Wildflower Honey - 3 lb. Quart
Buckwheat Honey - 3 lb. Quart Raspberry Flavored Honey - 3 lb. Quart Blueberry Flavored Honey - 3 lb. Quart