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Swarmbustin' Honey - Royal Jelly

The miracle healing powers of royal jelly can increase your vitality, boost your love life, and help you live longer. Doctors say the potion, produced by honeybees, is an amazing nutritional supplement that can relieve stress, soothe digestive ailments, strengthen your liver, help you sleep, eliminate fatigue, and even increase vitality. Bio Fact: Royal Jelly is a thick substance secreted from the pharyngeal glands of a special group of young nurse bees between their 6th and 12th days of life after birth.

We offer Royal Jelly in two forms, the Alive Bee Power Royal Jelly is in honey with bee pollen, propolis, ginseng, and eleuthero. The Royal Rush Royal Jelly is a powdered drink mix containing bee pollen, propolis, ginseng, and herbs.