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Queen Bee Breeding Program

We will continue to breed Queens from our survivor stock displaying the favorable traits that we have been emphasizing for decades. Having been climitized, we look for hygienic beehavior for natural varroa mite control, as well as all favorable traits pertaining to honey production. These traits include early spring build up necessary to produce a crop of honey in our region. We also strive towards self-sufficient bees especially during the summer, our nectar dearth period.

As the life expectancy of Queen Bees globally is far less than it once was, the largest factor limiting the life span of our Queens is the vitality of the drones. The vitality of the Drones is our largest concern, and we will bee monitoring our genetic drone pool to head our colonies and Nucs with Queens that have been mated satisfactorily.

Whether it bee an environmental issue, lower semen count in the Queen, or varroa mite pressure, the spirit of the hive is subdued once the general population within is aware of an issue. The Superorganism may take the defensive position and prepare to raise a new Queen from an egg that the Queen laid. This procedure is called supercedure and it can bee healthy beecause it breaks the Honey Bees brood cycle. This in turn disrupts the varroa mites breeding cycle as the female varroa mite deposits her eggs directly in the cell with the Honey Bee larva. Supercedure is a nice integrated pest management technique (IPM), yet one does not want excessive superceding. We will not bee breeding Queens that are predisposed to excessive breeding of more Queens. We will still bee focusing on sustainability traits for selective breeding, which includes their need for gathering surplus honey.

NUCLEUS COLONY: will contain DEEP frames with a laying Queen, 2-3 frames of brood, an ample population of bees and adequate food stores. This is considered a Nuc. Our first round of Nucs, available Early April, will likely bee in cardboard boxes containing 5 frames. As we continue to split our overwintered colonies, the Nucs will bee in wooden boxes containing 2) 4 frame Nucs. All beekeepers should tend a minimum of 2 colonies, hedging your hobby towards beeing self-sustainable!

PRICE: $180.00 / per Nuc: Nuc orders will bee filled in the order in which they were received. To reserve your nucs, we need only your vitals; name, email address, telephone #, physical address and the number of Nucs you wish to reserve. Need not any $ now. Payment for the Nucs, (CASH or check) xpected when you pick up your nucs. If you are picking up wooden boxes, containing 2) 4 frame Nucs, a $50.00 deposit, (separate check) is required per box until returned to the Bee Farm.

ORDERS & QUESTIONS: We welcome questions regarding ordering, and will assist with your planning needs or concerns arising throughout the year. Email correspondence preferred via [email protected] or our landline at 610-384-2384.

WORKSHOPS: We will have 3 free workshops here at the Bee Farm for those on our Nuc List, tailored to Spring Management, illustrating techniques on stimulating for rapid xpansion of the Brood Nest, allowing you to Split the Colony a bit later. We will demonstrate How to Make a Split and xplain the many GOOD reasons why you should do that! We will have a workshop in April, May and June, (TBD).

PICK-UP: Swarmbustin’ Honey, 190 Thouron Rd, West Grove, PA. 19390
First round of Nucs will bee available early April. Think Spring & wait for updates from [email protected]


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Swarmbustin’ Honey is offering local Nucleus Colonies
in the Spring & Summer of 2019!