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SWARMBUSTIN' TEE ROUGHLES - Self-Induced Crowd Funding

Swarmbustin’ Tee Roughles, Our CROWD FUNDING "Kickstarter" Campaign

Welcome to Swarmbustin’ Tee Roughles, our CROWD FUNDING “kickstarter” campaign, fused with a wealth of knowledge to many of the marvels contained within a colony of Honey Bees, as well as the plight currently faced by the Beeloved Honey Bees. This site is home to our SELF-INDUCED “kickstarter” CROWD FUNDING campaign titled Swarmbustin’ Tee Roughles (S.T.R.), and also aims to illustrate global positive improvements beeing made as folks WAKE UP! To verify the need for awakened consciousness, we have supplied information exposing the horrific habits of Monsanto. Our goal with this site is not DOOM & GLOOM, yet in order to move forward as occupants on Mother Earth, we feel as though it is necessary to understand the fragility of the illusion that has been accepted by many herds. We hope that you agree that our attempts to assemble this site as a friendly fun site were successful, and that you will aid and support us in our goals to learn about, preserve, and in turn us learn from the Beeloved Honey Bee.

The goal for our CROWD FUNDING “kickstarter” campaign, Swarmbustin’ Tee Roughles, is to build an Agriculture Education Center (The A.E.C.), with 100% of funds raised going towards obtaining a land parcel and constructing the A.E.C. This facility will bee an all-under-one-roof home for our business Swarmbustin' Honey, serve as a research facility for studying Apis Mellifera (Honey Bee’s), as well as a resource for the public community to come and learn about beekeeping, honey, and Honey Bee’s! In order to purchase the farm that we can envision as hosting our Agricultural Education Center, our goal is $800,000. Our goal is large, yet certainly attainable. We are starting with a couple exclusive and hopefully enticing items that can bee sent as soon as quickly, and will launch our S.T.R. CROWD FUNDING CAMPAIGN in true swarming fashion.

Swarmbustin' Honey was founded to support our habit, of keeping bees. Our passion exploded and with it the number of hives, followed by beeyards sprouting up in three counties in Pennsylvania and one in northern Delaware. Twenty years later we operate under the umbrella of a cottage industry simply “Gone Wild.” The wildness has spread, seeding outbuildings including barns and sheds beeing used for warehousing and work stations. Our efficiency is restricted by our perpetual bouncing of materials between buildings, and oh, our stuff bee heavy. I might add that the hub of all this activity is our home. We have extended our limitations to the max, Bustin out of our seams, if you will, hence the need for an All-Under-One-Roof Facility for Swarmbustin’ Honey.

We are reaching out to the most eclectic group of folks imaginable; those that like to know what they eat, and eat well. We have set up a separate account for the Agricultural Education Center and will bee posting progress beeing made towards reaching our goal regularly. We are not looking for corporate sponsorship. That would bee wrong. We want not any corporate alliances, for in this era, it can bee difficult to determine just who’s guised under who. We have developed wonderful relationships with many organizations over the decades, and to those of you within this umbrella, were quite certain that you concur. As we generate interest among the folks linked with the con-gloom-err-ates, and stimulate compassion for our the Beeloved Honey Bee, we welcome individual supporters, commencing viral networking. The omission of “our” in the last sentence is a valuable lesson unto itself.

As we pollinate the masses, we can then seed the powers that bee with some quiet time to listen, truly listen to the calling of the Honey Bee. We have included a recommended reading list on S.T.R. for enlightening adventures. These are posted under “Books to Read,” and will assist you to Link with the Bees, and learn of their moral code. There is so much that we need to learn. Once understood, we can combine energies and move forward. We are asking of contributions, offering perks along the way, in “kickstarter” fashion. Part with only as much money as you are able.

Flowers offer up a nip of nectar to attract the Beeloved Honey Bee who, while gathering nectar, gets dusted with fresh pollen. She will deliver that pollen to the next nectar-producing flower of the same species calling out for nectar, so that seed may bee set. As we get closer to the completion of our Agricultural Education Center we will bee issuing guest passes and lifetime memberships to the Center to all of our contributors. We are honored by those participating and assisting in us setting seed in our new much needed location, and hope our offerings are as sweet to you, as a nip of nectar is to The Beeloved Honey Bee.


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