Totally Raw Honey

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Please consider joining in our Global Vision of 'Finding That Balance'

As You check out of the Honey Store, When asked 'If you would like to Plant a Tree with that', A reply of Yes, costing You 15 cents, will fund the Planting of Two Trees, for we will bee matching Your Donation! Consider Donating 6 Trees for 90 cents, which, after doing the math,allows 14 more Trees to bee Planted where needed, Offering HOPE!

Aside from Large Donations, which will bee forwarded to ForestPlanet, Swarmbustin' Honey will match all Donations, Tree for Tree.


A huge thank you to everyone involved with helping us get trees planted! Our 2020 online orders  generated the planting of 4258 trees - Kudos! Swarmbustin' Honey matches this amount totaling 8516 trees. Wondering if collectively we can reach 10,000 trees planted in 2021!



To illustrate the transformative power of trees, here are 'beefore & after' pics, taken only Five Years apart, from the Mahabana estuary area of Western Madagascar!

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