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to present that which needs correcting, yet, ultimately desire to have the majority of new material devoted to improvements made &/or beeing made.

Jeremy Barnes with his elegant methods of presenting an overview of our current Predicament, falls in sync with Mark Winston’s ‘Bee Audacious Manifesto.

and in my humble opinion, these two forces, accompanied by the players instigating change, are setting the stage for the needs of the new millennium!

Please join us as we strive to offset the wrongs. I’ve Gleaned as a Motto, “If not Now, When?”, first seen in a neighbor’s tack room!

The concept of Eating Local is HUGE in Deprogramming Agribusiness! Community Supported Agriculture, (CSA)’s are Sweet, Bonding the Community with their Farmers! Swarmbustin’ Honey diversified in 2015 by Producing & Distributing Good Quality Local Nucleus Colonies. Many of our Nucs beecome an integral component of various CSA’s, and we beelieve that our offerings of Nucs are beeginning to have an impact on
the overall health and genetic pool of our Local Honey Bee! Having tended Bees for 35 years, with Passion as my Pilot, I am Now, perhaps for the first time, getting a glimpse of the actual incentive beehind the Passion!

Now then, Nuc Sales do contribute to our cash flow, yet, Ed Colby’s article in Bee Culture found me not by coincidence! In the article entitled, “Fire in the Belly”, Ed states, “We don’t need more beekeepers. We need more good ones.” Further along, Ed continues, “We don’t need more bees. We need more healthy ones.” I am not wanting to discourage anyone from joining in the Art & Adventure of Beekeeping, rather, I would like to welcome You into the fold! I do however, wish to bee clear that tending Bees cannot bee viewed as a hobby to let go of midway for lack of interest or time, for then You have done 'Far More Harm than the Good of Your Intentions'!

This does not suggest getting discouraged if your first attempts failed. Instead, it emphasizes the need for good beekeepers, paying attention to the needs of the Bees. Unlike the requirements of most animal husbandry undertakings, Bees are low maintenance, yet, when They need You, They need You on Their schedule, not Yours.

Happy BeeKeeping, and in the words of Curly Howard, “If at first You Don’t Succeed, Keep on Sucking till You Do Succeed.”

Our blog is intended to bee a resource for those wanting to learn more about the subject of Honey Bees, Beekeeping and to provide a direct way to contribute to the care and protection of the Beeloved Honey Bee and the plight they currently face.

We will bee updating the blog, adding news as it develops so bee sure to visit often!


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