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Swarmbustin' Honey - Spicy Honey

Swarmbustin' Honey offers a variety of spicy honeys including the following: Garlic Honey, Garlic Mountain Crème Honey, Hot Pepper Honey, Hot Pepper Mountain Crème Honey, Hot Garlic Honey, and Hot Garlic Mountain Crème Honey.

Suggested uses for Spicy Honey: The spicy honey was designed with cooking in mind!

-They make (or become part of) a nice marinade before grilling. It is also a good finishing sauce at the end of your grilling.

-Try them on wings, ribs, or glaze a ham or salmon for superb results.

-Use in your stir-fry or puddle some into the seed cavity of a squash beefore baking. Once the squash is cooked, you have a great dipping place for your squash or whatever else is on your plate.

-You could also try mixing with mustard and mayonnaise for a dipping sauce.

-A cracker, piece of venison bologna, or tab of brie cheese with spicy honey drizzled on top stimulates all of the taste buds as an hors d'oeuvre.

-The hot honey is not for your tea unless you are having tea with Tim Herbein.

Hot Garlic Honey - 14 oz. Hex Jar