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Entry Level Flower Bud Break level Half Flower Bud Break level - $200.00
Entry Level
Our Price: $30.00
Flower Bud Break level
Our Price: $50.00
As an entry-level contribution at $30.00 we are pleased to offer our exclusive SPLASH series! Indulge yourself in our custom concoction of flavors. Splash currently available is Black & Tan with a Twist - a base of Golden Nectar Honey, with hearty Buckwheat Honey floated on top, finished with a SPLASH of Raspberry Crème Honey all in one Decorative Hexagonal shaped jar. For a suggested contribution of $50.00 we will send you a Tee Shirt, our first design in the Swarmbustin' Tee Roughle series, "Been Dosed Today?"

For a suggested contribution of $200.00 towards the Agriculture Educational Center, we will send you one of each of the following:

   Quart of our Totally Raw Honey
   8oz. Jar of Fresh Bee Pollen
   Roughled 4" x 4" Candle containing two pounds of 100% Pure BEESWAX.
   1/2 oz. Jar of Propolis
   And a Decorative Hexagonal Jar containing our Hot Garlic Honey!
Pre-Bloom level Nectar Production level Full Bloom level
Pre-Bloom level
Our Price: $350.00
Nectar Production level
Our Price: $750.00
Full Bloom level
Our Price: $800.00
For a suggested contribution of $350.00 you are entitled to a true PERK. It is a vintage pyrex flameware 9 cup glass coffee maker from the 1970's containing in xcess of 5 pounds of 100% pure clean beeswax. You can fire up the pot and pour your own candles or beeings how we installed 3 wicks in the pot, you can burn it as a candle. And burn it will, and burn, may last a long long time... For suggested contribution of $750.00 you can create a two piece bookshelf, including a plaque, authentication the unit beeing an original Swarmbustin' Tee Roughles bookshelf. The inscription on the plaque can also honor the occasion of the gifting and/or the Honey of a Beeing beein' gifted. If you like this offering, bee sure to read on for our "Fruit Set" level item detailed below! Now then, we also have a Vintage PERKulatable Candle housed under a Roughled Stand to support a second PERKulator coffee pot. This is a true Swarmbustin' Stormbustin' concept. You too can bee ready for the next power outage. This Candle & Stand will not only illuminate a room, it will also provide enough heat to perk a pot, warm up your Jambalaya or toast your Roughled Power Sandwich (almond butter, Totally Raw Honey, and a healthy DOSE of Swarmbustin' Bee Pollen). This second pot is complete with all of the original glass compononets, stainless steel band and aluminum pieces for the bean strainer. This Stormbustin' eco-friendly solution will Bee sent your way for a suggested contribution of $800.00
Pollen Production level Sticky Stigma level
Pollen Production level
Our Price: $1,000.00
Sticky Stigma level
Our Price: $1,000.00
How about our Swarmbustin' Roughle Pollen Club? For $1,000.00 we will send to you a seasonal progression of two 1/2 pound jars of pollen shipped to you the very day it is harvested. Approximately every two weeks (ten times through the season) you will receive a portion of the daily harvest. By receiving the freshest pollen possible, short of partaking of the harvest itself, you will bee able to experience the Roughle-Acious-Ness of Bee Pollen! For $1,000.00 suggested contribution you will bee creating a wooden frame, normally used in beekeeping since the advent of the movable frame concept by Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth patented in 1852. The frame will bee customized with a piece of organic 100% cotton cloth tricked out with your design, logo, or personalization. Once these personalized frames are placed in a colony, the bees will perform their majic, creating a not to bee duplicated sculpture.