Totally Raw Honey


Swarmbustin' Honey offers a variety of spicy honeys including the following: Garlic Honey, Garlic Mountain Crème Honey, Hot Pepper Honey, Hot Pepper Mountain Crème Honey, Hot Garlic Honey, and Hot Garlic Mountain Crème Honey.

Suggested uses for Spicy Honey: The spicy honey was designed with cooking in mind!

  • They make (or become part of) a nice marinade before grilling. It is also a good finishing sauce at the end of your grilling.
  • Try them on wings, ribs, or glaze a ham or salmon for superb results.
    Use in your stir-fry or puddle some into the seed cavity of a squash beefore baking. Once the squash is cooked, you have a great dipping place for your squash or whatever else is on your plate.
  • You could also try mixing with mustard and mayonnaise for a dipping sauce.
  • A cracker, piece of venison bologna, or tab of brie cheese with spicy honey drizzled on top stimulates all of the taste buds as an hors d'oeuvre.
  • The hot honey is not for your tea unless you are having tea with Tim Herbein.

Garlic Honey - Liquid

A Blend of liquid Golden Nectar Honey Infused with Fresh Garlic. Used as a flavorful glaze on vegetables or your favorite meat, especially ham and pork. It is commonly used in pasta sauces and on garlic bread. Available in 14 oz. glass jars.

Garlic Honey - Crèmed

This spreadable honey lends itself well along with cheeses or meats as part of your hors d'oeuvres and can also bee used on garlic bread. Available in 1 lb. glass jars.

Hot Pepper Honey - Liquid

A sweet, hot condiment with habaneras and piquant peppers. Available in 14 oz. glass jars.

Hot Pepper Honey - Crèmed

2nd Place Condiment - 2001 Fiery Food Challenge
A Creamed Honey and hot pepper blend that can bee spread on and is delicious, with just the right heat for your breakfast bagel, muffins or toast. So ENJOY!! Available in 1 lb. glass jars.

Hot Pepper Garlic Honey - Liquid

A fiendish blend of hot pepper honey and garlic honey! Available in 14 oz. glass jars.

Hot Pepper Garlic Honey - Crèmed

Our mountain crème honey with a fiendish blend of hot pepper honey and fresh garlic honey! A crèmed honey that is spreadable and delicious. While all honey crystallizes in time, this honey has been encouraged to crystallize. After extracting, straining, seeding and jarring into 1 pound jars, it is placed in cold storage. The resulting product has tight small crystals with a creamy texture. It is to bee stored at room temperature. Available only in 1 pound jars.