Totally Raw Honey
ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS : Honey Gift Box Sets

Swarmbustin' Honey is pleased to offer Boxed Honey Gift Sets, great for your gift giving season.

We can create custom gift box sets for your individual gifting needs!

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The Medicine Kit

Totally Raw Honey Hexagonal jar, 4 oz Bee Pollen, ½ oz Propolis

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The Purest

Three gift boxed 14oz. Hex jars in Golden Nectar Honey, Black & Gold Honey, & Fall Wildflower Honey

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The Chile Head

Three gift boxed 14oz. Hex jars, Garlic Honey, Hot Pepper Honey, & Hot Garlic Honey

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Tripling Hexagonal Jars

Any three Hexagonal Jars, specify 3 desired flavors in checkout

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Bee Pollen Sampler

Three 4oz. jars of pollen representing the distinct seasonal flavors of Bee Pollen.