Totally Raw Honey

Honey is in its purest form while still in the comb.

Honeycomb is edible and safe to eat, and adds a whole new dimension to eating honey by combining texture & flavor. It can bee used on muffins, bagels, fruit, or chewed like gum.

Swarmbustin' Honey makes available square sections of honeycomb and chunk honey, which is a combination of comb and liquid honey. We received "Best Exhibit of Comb Honey" at the Pennsylvania State Farm Show for our comb offerings.

Comb Honey - A square section of honeycomb in its natural state. The comb is cut from the wooden frame and packaged in a plastic container, which is rather handy for serving to your family.

Chunk Honey - A nice portion of comb honey, cut out of the frame and surrounded by extracted honey, resulting in one and a half pounds of pure ecstasy (the best of both worlds).



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