Totally Raw Honey

Swarmbustin' Honey offers four shades of honey that represent the distinctive honey flavors made possible by the diversity of the floral sources available to the honeybees.

Golden Nectar Honey: Pure Spring Honey. Pale and delicate in flavor with a full body and nice finish. This honey is derived from the spring flush of the Dandylion, Wild Mustard, Black Locust, fruit bloom, bramble berries, wild flowers, and Clover Blossoms. Ideal for sweetening tea.

Black & Gold Honey: Full season light amber honey blend. Our own blend of spring honey with a splash of fall wildflower, this honey has nectar the bees have gathered from throughout the year. Well suited for baking.

Fall Wildflower Honey: Amber Honey. The fall season offers to the bees a medley of floral sources including Asters, Goldenrod and Japanese Knotweed; from which this dark, rich and smoky honey is gathered. Particularly good on pancakes.

Buckwheat Honey: Dark amber Honey. This distinctive honey, with its robust and hearty flavor, comes from stands of pure buckwheat grain, a rarity in itself. A nice topping on sweet potatoes, winter squash or whisked into a stir-fry; also a garnish to your favorite dessert.



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