Swarmbustin' Honey
190 Thouron Road, West Grove, PA 19390
Phone: 610 384-2384
Email: [email protected]

Swarmbustin’ Honey is a family run operation dedicated to our Beeloved Honey Bees. We are located near Chatham in Chester County, PA. Collectively, my sons Abram, Luke, and Jeb, and I have in excess of ten decades of beeing with the bees. The Bustin’ of Swarms is a passion shared by all of us here at the Bee Farm. We have tales for days, with each adventure presenting interesting challenges. Accounts of providing Beeloved Honey Bees a home, or ‘bustin’ swarms’ as well call it, go back in history just as far as you care to dig, and the methodology and offered dwellings are as varied as they are numerous. We’ve used saws, loping shears and cardboard boxes to bust low swarms, and for the high swarms front end loaders, a five gallon pail mounted on a telescoping pole and even a fire truck in a city for one swarm. While we typically place our captured swarms into Langstroth Hive Bodies, beekeepers have been known to use straw skeps, gum trees, clay pots, and variations of Kenyan Top Bar Hives. The Beeloved Honey bees are our first passion. Swarmbustin’ Honey was founded from that passion and as a means of supporting our habit, of keeping bees. Our passion exploded and with it the number of hives, followed by beeyards sprouting up in three counties in Pennsylvania and one in northern Delaware. Twenty years later we operate under the umbrella of a cottage industry simply “Gone Wild.” The wildness has spread to outbuildings including barns and sheds used for workstations and warehousing. Our perpetual bouncing of materials beetween buildings restricts our efficiency. We are Bustin’ out of our seams having extended our limitations to the max, hence the need for an All-Under-One-Roof Facility for Swarmbustin’ Honey.

As many of you are aware, in 2014 we beegan a self-induced crowd-funding campaign which is still generating interest and slowly accruing the necessary funds to acquire land and construct an All-Under-One-Roof Facility for Swarmbustin’ Honey. All of the contributions have been set aside until we have enough to acquire the land parcel we have had our sites on. Currently we have $14,824 in this account. Thank you to all of you who have contributed so far. Our Fundraiser featuring unique Honey Bee related offerings at several donator levels is still active, have a look on our website:
Swarmbustin' Tee Roughles - Self-Induced Crowd Funding.